Additional Information


Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
B. A. in Hotel/Restaurant Administration, 1993

Cesar Ritz Institute of Hotel Management
Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Summer 1990

employee management

Relevant experience as an employee manager: set up interview protocols and hiring standards for new employees; and managed the full spectrum of employee relations from hiring decisions and exigencies of employee management through the termination process.

My goal as a manager has always been to monitor employee behavior, seeking ways to advance standards and performance, and when necessary, to terminate poor performers, according to appropriate, lawful, and humane procedures.

media and communication

In 1998, I was nominated to appear on KCTS Chefs, a local public television channel that sponsors a yearly fundraiser with guest chefs demonstrating their signature recipes. I had an 11-minute segment where I cooked Roasted Rack of Lamb, Potato Gratin, and a Honey Lavender Demi Glaze. The segment was well received — and I enjoyed the opportunity to be in front of the camera.

I was also featured in a 12-minute segment on a local CBS affiliate morning show where I plated a five-course meal that showcased local restaurants offering a value-added New Year's Eve menu.

early culinary training

I have worked in and out of restaurant kitchens for the past three decades. At 14, I worked at a French restaurant in Lahaina called La Bretagne; at 15, I worked at Chico’s, a Mexican restaurant in Whaler's Village, and at the Lahaina Yacht Club.

When I moved to Seattle, I worked at Benjamin’s on Lake Union, a restaurant owned by the Schwarz Brothers Restaurants group. I also worked at The Ruins, a private dining club in Seattle, where I was the lead on catering events in people’s homes.

My initial training as a chef began at Gerard's Relais de Lyon, in Bothell, Washington. In 1990, it was one of the top French restaurants in the United States.

culinary educator1996 to 2013

For 15 years, I taught cooking classes ranging from how to make stocks and sauces to how to cook a four-course meal; these classes have proven to be the most popular.

I also taught for Sur La Table, Cook’s World, The Compleat Cook, Bon Vivant School of Cooking, Pasta & Company, Blue Ribbon Cooking School, Seattle Central Community College, Puget Consumers Co-op, and at Brie & Bordeaux, where I was the chef. Class size ranged from 10 students at Brie & Bordeaux to 40 at Sur La Table.

Awards and Community Outreach

gypsy dinners2002 to 2008

Participated in the launch of Gypsy Dinners — a private underground restaurant in Seattle. Every season I was a guest chef and cooked a multi-course meal for 20 to 30 diners. Gypsy was written up in various publications such as Seattle Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan, and The Wall Street Journal.

Gypsy was also featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show on the Travel Channel and is featured in his recent cookbook of the same title.

delille cellars1999

Winner of the food and wine-pairing contest against Le Gourmand, Salish Lodge, and Sun River Lodge. As chef of Brie & Bordeaux, I created a Smoked Scallop Ravioli with Bay Leaf Lemon Cream that paired perfectly with their 1997 Chardonnay.

farestart common meals1997

Honored as the guest chef in 1998, I worked with a crew of 10 students to prepare and service a three-course meal for 200 people.

FareStart is a community-sponsored program in Seattle where food is the tool that empowers lives, nourishes families, and builds communities. Since 1992, FareStart has been providing nutritious meals to those in need, and has helped homeless and disadvantaged men, women, and their families create new opportunities for the future.